Self Drive Car rental In Coimbatore

Explore nature on your own terms with our self drive car rental service. Affordable and convenient options available for any traveler.
Self Drive Car Rental in Coimbatore

Book And Rent A Car

Book Self-Drive Car in Coimbatore

Explore new destinations with our Coimbatore Car Rental service. Choose from a wide range of cars and hit the road with confidence.

Book And Rent A Car

Explore new destinations with our self-drive car rental service. Choose from a wide range of cars and hit the road with confidence.

Why Choose Us ?

Manchester Picks encourages you to get behind the wheel and see the city. We are the best option for self-driving vacations since our rates are low, our vehicles are dependable, and booking them is simple.


Explore new destinations with ease. Choose a location and rent a self drive car for your next adventure. Book now and start exploring.


Experience the freedom of self-drive cars. Simple Agreement Procedure offers a hassle-free rental experience for your next road trip.


Locate the Car of Your Dream. As we have a wide range of automobiles, you can quickly narrow your search and compare costs to find the perfect vehicle for you.


When you rent a car from us and take the wheel yourself, you can experience the freedom of the open road for the first time in your life.

Discover the world at your own speed and guided by the aims and purposes that are most significant to you.


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Comfortable Car For Hire !

Rent a self-drive car and explore new places on your own terms. Travel in comfort and style with our reliable rental cars.

₹ 2,200 / day

( 52 reviews )

₹ 2,000 / day

( 30 reviews )
Grand i - 10

₹ 1,200 / day

( 88 reviews )
Maruti - Alto 800

We are the Best self drive car rentals in Coimbatore!

Looking for the best self drive car rental in Coimbatore? Look no further than our reliable and affordable services. Book your car today.
Best Affordable Price

Rent a car for your next adventure at an affordable price. Self-drive and explore the open road with ease.

Care Tailored to the Individual's Needs

Rent a car that fits your style and budget. Choose from a variety of cars available for self-drive. Travel on your own terms

Our Customer Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about our self drive car rental service. Discover why we are the preferred choice for travelers.
Vamshi Krishna

Best car rental in coimbatore. I have spoke to other rentals but thus company gave the best price and recently bought car and delivered on time to me near airport and best part is he can talk in telugu which was more comfortable for me

Chitra Nagaraj

I rented a car in Manchester picks, there are so much variant of models available. Easy paper work, on time delivery. Thank u soo much

Umar Sherif

I rented an I20 for two days for an affordable price. The whole process of booking took a few minutes and the agency picked me up even. Anand from the agency and one more guy were kind and customer friendly.

Are Your Looking To Hire A Car for One day trip?
Explore the open roads with our self drive car rentals. Book your car for a one day trip today and experience the freedom of the open road.
Planning a family vacation and need a car rental?
Rent a car for your family vacation and enjoy the freedom of self drive. Choose from a wide range of vehicles with flexible rental options.


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